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  D2P Anti-Microbial  
d2p - Designed to Protect
Providing protection against anti-microbial & fungi
What is d2p?
d2p is an additive system that provides plastic products with particular anti-microbial benefits. d2p comprises a range of masterbatches, each tailored to specific applications and polymer processes.

d2p contains unique active ingredients that help to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The active ingredients are released over time, thanks to a controlling mechanism.

d2p is an effective solution against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
How d2p works
d2p contains a silver-based salt which slowly releases silver ions that safely inhibit the growth of bacteria of a long period of time.

d2p's activity follows 3 distinct stages. During stage 1, the active ingredient penetrates the offending micro-organism's membrane, following which it breaches the cellular wall and then makes its way through to the cell. In the next stage, the active ingredient interacts with enzymes, deactivating vital molecules. in the final stage, d2p interacts with the DNA, ensuring that this does not replicate itself.
d2p Applications
  d2p additives work with PE, PVC, PS, PET and PP and are used in the following products:
  - Plastic bags and film
  - Plastic food packaging, containers and utensils
  - Waste bins and refuse packaging
  - plastic products in medical facilities
d2p additives are generally added at somewhere between 1 and 2%. Products in the range work at conventional processing temperatures without loosing their anti-bacterial properties and have been designed to retain maximum stability whilst in storage and during use. they are also virtually insoluble.
Key benefits of using d2p
d2p is a versatile and powerful additive that is both inorganic, small in size and tolerant to high temperatures. it is engineered to protect against:
  - Cross contamination
  - Healthcare and food industry infections 
  - Waste bins and refuse packaging
  - Staining
  - Discoloration 
  - Odour development
The active ingredients in d2p have been successfully tested against over 50 common organisms, such as MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, and Aspergillus Niger, in over 2,000 applications
d2w® and the droplet logo are trademarks of a range of Symphony Environmental’s ‘CONTROLLED-LIFE’ OR ‘OXO-BIODEGRADABLE' Plastic Products, Now available in Pakistan and is exclusively distributed in the region by Business Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd. d2p® is the trademark of a range of Symphony Environmental’s ‘DESIGNED TO PROTECT’ Plastic Products, Now available in Pakistan and is exclusively distributed in the region by Business Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd.