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In no country in the world is it possible to collect all the plastic waste. Some of it will always escape accidentally or deliberately into the environment where it could lie or float around for decades. Oxo-biodegradable plastics (“oxo-bio”) are intended as low - cost insurance against this form of pollution.

We seek your support, which will enable us to develop a beneficial programme based on the use of degradable products, in particular, the use of oxo-biodegradable plastic packaging. At the same time, phasing out non-biodegradable, environmentally damaging and persistent materials, a decision that many countries including Pakistan are making now.

Every day companies are adopting policies to show their concern for our natural resources and the environment. Most are willing to undertake environmentally friendly initiatives but face cost constrains that could make them less competitive. This is the real problem - but the good news is that there is a cost effective solution available now. Symphony Environmental Ltd, UK is supplying the solution in more than 90 countries worldwide and Business Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan have joined hands with Symphony to bring “the best solution to plastic pollution” in Pakistan.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to preserve all the natural resources in the most cost effective manner. Helping others to protect the environment for future generations to live in a safe, green, healthy and productive environment. Business Dynamics provides the best solution to plastic pollution. We believe in developing environmentally sustainable business practices, increasing its competitive advantage, and preparing for inevitable government regulations. We, Business Dynamics, are committed in achieving higher level of society's trust and employee pride. We consider the environment and health and safety matters to be integral and important part of all our business activities, as we work towards a sustainable society.
Vision Statement:
Our vision is to achieve sustainable, quality growth. Creating value and making a difference in the industry. To be recognized as a prime distributor of bio-degradable products locally, maintaining our leading status in the local market and expanding our market share in the nearby markets utilizing our state of the art infrastructure and product reliability.
d2w® and the droplet logo are trademarks of a range of Symphony Environmental’s ‘CONTROLLED-LIFE’ OR ‘OXO-BIODEGRADABLE' Plastic Products, Now available in Pakistan and is exclusively distributed in the region by Business Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd. d2p® is the trademark of a range of Symphony Environmental’s ‘DESIGNED TO PROTECT’ Plastic Products, Now available in Pakistan and is exclusively distributed in the region by Business Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd.